How I wait for upcoming recession

It’s been almost half a year now since the first pandemic, almost every contries in the world has gone into the ups and downs of the covid19 curve. Not surprisingly including Indonesia, and now soon we are going to face a recession, hopefully not worse than the last one.

This is a whole big experiment for a whole generation. I hope the next generation can learn a thing or two to prevent something so cathastropic like this from ever happening again.

The people were of course generally poorer than Northern Europeans, lived in humbler homes, drove older cars and so on, but they owned their homes outright, had no car loan and usually displayed the deep-seated aversion to debt that recent memories of poverty engender.

Well, sometimes you can’t do everything you want in one generation. People break rules when they wigh that the cost of disobidient is low and the prize of rebellion is high (risk-benefit analysis).

Where there is no legitimacy, people tend to disobey. Big grandeur project sometimes is a sign of frustration. If you deny people from ligitimacy, they will rebel.

The economy is a society, economy is not a science,




Things I've learned worth sharing

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Dalton Ngangi

Dalton Ngangi

Things I've learned worth sharing

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